MGB fuel pump AZX1307RB Hardi9912 AZX1318 negative earth for MGB/GT MGBGTV8 1975-81

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MGB fuel pump AZX1307RB Q 9912 AZX1318 negative earth for All Rubber Bumper MGB/GT & V8 cars 1975-81

Suits all Rubber bumper cars with the pump fitted in the boot/ trunk – Comes complete with aluminium crush washers

Here we have a dual polarity fuel pump – Suits all MGB 1975-80 (inc V8)

Suitable for MGB, MGBGT, MGBGT V8 manufactured from 1975 onwards Where the pump is fitted in the boot

With banjo type fuel line connections (not olive type) as manufactured by Hardi (Germany) and offered under AZX1307RB / 9912

Suitable for MGB, MGBGT, MGC, MGCGT and MGBGT V8 manufactured from 1964 to 1975

Specifications –

Fuel Pressure 4 PSI

Flow Rate – 17.5 Gallons per Hour

Manufactured by Hardi (Germany) and offered under AZX1307RB

Featuring refinements such as the latest surface mount printed circuit board technology for reliability, superior internal diaphragm. All Hardi pumps are CE approved, fully tested and supplied with a 3 year warranty.

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