MGB GT/V8 & MGC GT OEM Rear Tailgate Glazing Kit of Rubbers (All Years 1965-80) AHH7403, AHH7815, AHH7833, AHH9778


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MGB GT/V8 & MGC GT OEM Rear Tailgate Glazing Rubbers (All Years 1965-80) AHH7403

British manufactured by the same manufacturer and tooling as were supplied when the MGB was built new. So it goes without saying that unlike Chinese versions these actually fit and are nice and pliable making fitting both them and the finishing strips a breeze.

ImportantĀ When fitting make sure that the seal is fitted to the car body first and then fit the glass to the seal

We offer all the the seals required which can either be individually ordered or purchased as a kit.

*Please note that due to size and risk of damage the rear chrome moulding trim set will be sent direct from the manufacturer. Delivery if in stock is usually 2-3 days however if out of stock the delivery could be 8-12 weeks. If in doubt please message us before placing your order and we will confirm the delivery time.

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Weight 1.4 kg

AHH7833 – Tailgate Inner Seal Only, AHH9778 – Tailgate Outer Seal Only, AHH7403 + AHH7815 – Glazing Seal Including Filler Strip, AHH7403 + AHH7815 + AHH7833 – Glazing Seal,Filler Strip & Tailgate Inner Seal, AHH7833 + AHH9778 – Tailgate Inner Seal and Outer Seal, AHH7403 + AHH7815 + AHH7833 + AHH9778 – Glazing Seal,Filler Strip, Tailgate Inner Seal & Tailgate Outer Seal, AHH7403 + AHH7815 + AHH7833 + AHH7427/8 Full Set of Tailgate Glazing Seals + Chrome Moulding Set, AHH7427/8S Rear Screen Finisher Kit