Propshaft Flange Axle Nut Tube Axle & 3 synch/4 synch Overdrive Gearbox BTB 753 (Suits 1800 MGC & V8)



Propshaft Flange Rear Tube Axle Plus 3 synchro/4 synchro Overdrive Gearbox output shaft Nut BTB 753 (Suits All 3 and 4 Synchro gearboxes inc MGC & V8)

Item 28 on the attached schematic

We offer two options of nuts

1- is the standard fitment Nyloc

2- Is the ‘Coneloc’  superior all metal retainer which unlike the nyloc is not affected by heat or chemicals and is re-useable *

Note that this is the correct half nut and not a full nut which is too deep for the thread (see images)

Additional information

Weight N/A

BTB753 (Nyloc), BTB 753 Nut (Coneloc)